The Wyvernwood

On a large island called Dis, in the kingdome of Ivalar, there stands an imposing forest: The Wyvernwood. Within this forest and island are a mixture of ruins, keeps, and villages, all struggling to survive the sands of time. As the world progress around the island, it has stood still waiting for the right group of adventurers to solve its riddles. Play as a Human, Elf, Dwarf, or Small One in one of the seven job-classes: Warrior, Mage, Druid, Priest, Sneak, Gunner, and Archer. In a world where anyone and anything can use magic, what trait can easily determine the victor?

This is one of two games made for CTC Geekfest 2016, and uses a specific deck of cards to resolve actions. Each character, including NPC and enemy, have the option of building a deck unique to themseleves as well. These decks of cards contain only four card types: Critical Success, Success, Failure, and Critical Failure, and are used to resolve actions inside of this game world.

This game is still under beta testing, and games are being recorded for progress notes and so others can enjoy the gameplay.

Goblin Caverns 106 Sep 201625 MB
Goblin Caverns 220 Sep 201669 MB
Goblin Caverns 327 Sep 201671 MB

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